Gear Review: Foodsaver Gamesaver Silver

FoodsaverGamesaver-SilverI have used FoodSaver products for years. They have been the answer for storage of much of my wild game and fish.

Vacuum sealing has allowed me to store both game and fish for much longer periods of time than I would have otherwise considered feasible. Despite their all but indispensable home-based use, I often would have liked to take a unit into the field, but could not as they were strictly bound to an electrical outlet. Well, no longer with the introduction of the new FoodSaver GameSaver Silver unit. It is totally portable as long as you have access to a 12-volt power outlet. In other words, it can be used right at home with a standard household outlet or in your boat, truck, camper, or just wherever you can plug its 15 foot, 12 volt cord into an outlet. But this is no lightweight unit as its updated rugged design is built for heavy duty use that includes an easy to carry handle, intelligent sealing system, easy lock latch with extra-large rubberized buttons, built in roll storage and cutter, an extra-large patented removable drip tray that is easy to clean, and is dishwasher safe. But it offers much more as this unit allows you to marinate in minutes instead of hours with the Quick Marinator as the vacuum opens the pores of the meat allowing the marinade to penetrate much more quickly. Not only will this unit allow you to keep your fish and game five-times longer but it can also be used to keep valuable gear such as first aid supplies, matches, maps and so on dry, clean and compact. Or prepare a double portion of your favourite game recipe and store half for a future meal. The MSRP is $200.

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