Gear Review: Gerber Folding Sheath Knife

Gerber-Folding-Sheath-KnifeI must admit I’m always on the lookout for a new design in hunting knives that will better what is already out there — and today that is no small feat. There are just a lot of good knives on the market these days, so it must be outstanding or my interest wanes very quickly.

The new Gerber Folding Sheath Knife caught and held my interest for a number of reasons. While not important to the function of the knife the first thing that caught my eye was the modernistic colour, as the handle, blade and case consist of two colours: black and olive brown. Cosmetics aside, as soon as you palm this knife the design immediately takes the forefront. No longer do you need to worry about slippage as this aggressive rubberized handle has a very soft and comfortable feel that will unquestionably offer an unparalleled and sure grip even in the nastiest of conditions. Next along the tracks of innovation is the hard plastic low-profile sheath that has two sharpeners built right into the sheath. A carbide coarse sharpener and a ceramic fine sharpener are right there whenever you need them; no longer will you need to worry about whether you remembered to bring your sharpener. It is lightweight at only 90 grams (3.1 ounces) and has an ideal total length of 12 cm (4.75 inches) folded and 21 cm (8.25 inches) when open with its three-inch blade. The gut hook rounds out the usability of this knife making it about as practical and user friendly a hunting knife as I have recently uncovered. It also carries a Gerber Lifetime Warranty.

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