Gear Review: Thompson/Center Dimension Rifle

TC-DimensionWith their Encore line Thompson/Center has provided hunters the opportunity to buy a gun with a particular barrel, be it a .50 calibre muzzleloader, 12- or 20-gauge rifled barrel, centrefire barrel or even a rimfire barrel, and then interchange them. However, all were based on a single shot platform. No longer as T/C has just raised the crossbar to a new level with what they refer to as the “most technologically advanced bolt-action rifle ever made.”

The Dimension offers the same general concept of interchangeability as the Encore but does so in a bolt-action centrefire rifle with a choice of 10 calibres from a .204 Ruger to a .300 Winchester Magnum. T/C designed this rifle so that they are grouped into four separate series; A, B, C and D. Within each series barrels can be interchanged within a matter of minutes. However, when you purchase a barrel assembly, which includes the correct magazine from another series, you will need to obtain either a right or left handed bolt for that series. I recently watched Craig Cushman, Director of Marketing, exchange Dimension barrels with the use of the LOC Leverage and LOC Torque Tools within a matter of a couple of minutes. Both tools are included in the purchase of the rifle as are Weaver-style bases. This rifle weighs in at three kg (seven pounds) and offers an adjustable trigger, removable stock spacers and, believe it or not, a guarantee of MOA accuracy.

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