Electronics is certainly beginning to have a significant impact on those of us who still like to reload our own ammunition.  Electronic equipment such as the Lyman Micro-Touch 1500 Electronic Scale offer a very precise and simple way to weigh powder charges or even bullets to ensure uniformity. This is an ultra-compact scale that still offers all the features of the much larger models, including state of the art touch screen controls. It is just 3.5 inches wide by 5.375 inches long and is a mere 1.25 inches tall (nine cm by 14 cm by three cm) with the dust … Read more »

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Whether you are an avid shooter or hunter or just someone who enjoys an occasional day on the range or in the field hunting, the time will come when you will need to fix a problem, mount a new scope or make an adjustment of one kind or another. And more often than not, it will occur when it is least expected, which always raises the immediate question “do I have the right tools on hand to do the job?” Weaver has answered this need with a number of tool and scope mounting kits. Two of their most recent are … Read more »

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Whether you’re hunting waterfowl or upland birds — it’s all about shooting form, leading your target, pointing, pulling the trigger and following through. Mostly covered in our layout blinds, casual banter was abruptly interrupted by incoming honkers. “Here they come! Cover up,” I instructed. Intermittent guttural honks suggested these birds were relaxed and eager to feed. Sure enough, all 10 began their ascent. On approach, wings were locked. All we had to do was offer a few confidence calls to close the deal. With legs down and wings fully extended, we nearly let them finish before go time. “Take ‘em!” … Read more »

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Hearing is one of our most valued senses and needs to be protected. Unfortunately, as a youth I spent far too much time on the range without adequate hearing protection and today much of my hearing is severely impaired. The Primos Boost Quad Muffs are designed to not only protect your hearing on the range or in the field but will also substantially enhance your hearing, in fact up to 8x. This for a hunter on a stand or even when still hunting can prove invaluable in detecting a buck’s presence before he either sees you or you see him. … Read more »

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More and more hunters are starting to process their own wild game. For me, as for many hunters, it is the final phase in what consists of the preparation for a hunt, the hunt itself, the taking of an animal, field dressing it, cutting it and then processing some of it into a finished product such as sausage for your family. It offers a real sense of pride that can only be described as “doing it yourself from the field to the table.” But it took me years to learn all these skills and it was, unfortunately, a piece meal … Read more »

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So you want to grow a food plot? It’s not as easy as it sounds… “If you build it, they will come” held true in the movie Field of Dreams. The same can be said for developing food plots for deer. Food plots are an amazing strategy for attracting and growing deer. Crops help develop a strong and healthier deer population on your land.  Plus, it is a great alternative to baiting. Planting food for deer is one of the most rewarding yet frustrating land management strategies hunters can undertake. Evidence of a positive relationship between crops and deer is … Read more »

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Moose have been gradually expanding their range southward within Saskatchewan over the past 30 years. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment’s approach to managing the increasing numbers of moose has been to create an annual hunter harvest across southern Wildlife Management Zones (WMZ). Quotas have increased every year over the last four years — from 250 antlerless tags in 2008 to 1,335 tags in 2012. Each year harvest success is reviewed and adjustments are made to quotas based upon increases/decreases in the moose population, as well as the number of complaints from landowners and the public. The Ministry of Environment is … Read more »

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Weighing only about three kilograms (7.6 pounds), the Ghost 350 is one of the lightest crossbows to ever come out of Barnett’s factory — but don’t let its light weight fool you. This bow still has more than enough speed and power for the big-game hunter. With a speed of 350 feet per second and delivering 116-foot pounds of kinetic energy, the Ghost 350 will get the job done. The Ghost 350 also features Barnett’s unique Carbon Riser Technology, which removes weight from the front end of the crossbow, thus shifting the centre of gravity from the front end to … Read more »

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