Gear Review: Barnes Vortex Ammunition

Barnes-Vortx_TTSXHaving been a reloader for more than 40 years, I always carry a bit of skepticism about factory ammunition. While in the past there may have been cause for this skepticism, that is changing as more and more factory ammunition will equal or better both the velocity and accuracy of handloads.

But that same bit of caution has continued for the new kid on the block. So when Barnes started making their own factory ammo last year I certainly had a wait and see attitude. (Notwithstanding that I have been using Barnes bullets for the better part of those 40 years to build some great hunting ammo.) The best of which resulted with the advent of the X bullet and their newer bullets designed around this concept. Simply put, I have used this bullet on everything from antelope to buffalo with great success. They are designed to offer maximum weight retention, deep penetration and a doubling in expansion as the nose peals back into four petals that provide very sharp edges for maximum tissue damage and very quick kills. They also have grooves to reduce pressure for improved velocity and accuracy. My first opportunity to test Barnes Vortex ammunition came quite recently when testing a .300 Winchester Magnum — both the 165- and 180-grain Tipped TSX provided excellent accuracy and velocities. Vortex rifle ammunition is available in TSX, Tipped TSX and TSX FN and in calibres from .223 to .45-70 and in metric calibres such as the 7×64, 8×57 and 9×62. Vortex Safari is available in TSX and in Bonded Solids in calibres from .375 to .500 Nitro.

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