Gear Review: Hornady Lock-N-Load Quick Trickle

 quick-trickleAs someone who has reloaded ammunitions for the better part of five decades and has spent countless hours at my reloading bench, I’m always looking for ways to assist me in not only reloading better ammunition but also in shortening the process or at least making it a bit easier. The Hornady Lock-N-Load Quick Trickle is just such a product.

While I normally use a powder measure to throw a charge just under my desired weigh and then use a powder trickler to bring it up to weight, it is a slow process. Particularly as the trickler I use only dispenses a very slow and limited amount at a time. With the Quick Trickle this is no longer the case as it is designed to deliver an initial large volume of powder with the ability to then finish the charge off with a very slow trickle. This is accomplished with two hand (finger) operated high and low speeds with up to a three-to-one gear ratio. When combined with double-sided sealed ball bearings that prevent any stray powder from impeding the operation, it is one smooth and quick powder dispenser. It has a very solid and heavy base that offers stability but yet is readily movable to any location on your bench and it is height adjustable to ensure you can access your particular powder scale. This is one fine new product for those of us who like to load our own ammunition but don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of time doing so.

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