Gear Review: Primos Boost Quad Muffs

23.-Primos-Boost-Series-Muffs_CamoHearing is one of our most valued senses and needs to be protected. Unfortunately, as a youth I spent far too much time on the range without adequate hearing protection and today much of my hearing is severely impaired. The Primos Boost Quad Muffs are designed to not only protect your hearing on the range or in the field but will also substantially enhance your hearing, in fact up to 8x.

This for a hunter on a stand or even when still hunting can prove invaluable in detecting a buck’s presence before he either sees you or you see him. This is accomplished by the use of four wind resistant omni directional high frequency microphones (two per ear or muff) that have independent volume controls with Adjustable Frequency Tuning that gives you the ability to fine tune each set to your individual or the surrounding environmental requirements. And when it comes time to take that shot, you need not worry as any sounds above 85 dB will be instantly shut out by the muff’s Sound Activated Compression. They are made from durable high quality ABS plastic with Butyl rubber ear pads for all day comfort. With a battery life of 200 hours, they will provide not just days of use but weeks or even months of use prior to a battery change. Each set of muffs comes with its own protective carry case. They are available in either an Analog or a Digital model that additionally offers communication capabilities and in Camo or Olive Drab in the Analog model or in Camo or Carbon Fiber in the Digital model.

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