Gear Review: Thermacell Heated Insole

11.-Thermacell-Heated-InsoleWhen I think of all those frigid days on a stand waiting out a big buck or on a lake in the middle of winter ice fishing, what always comes to mind is how cold my feet got and what I could possibly do to improve on my footwear for the next trip.

Seldom did I come up with an answer that really made a significant difference and many a day I left a stand most likely before I should have simple because my feet were — freezing! The new Heated Insole from ThermaCELL should once and for all end this problem. What an innovative idea; an insole with an internal heating system that uses a self-contained rechargeable heat technology that can be controlled by a small radio transmitter with a range of seven feet. The transmitter has three settings – high (44 degrees C), medium (38 degrees C) or no heat. They also contain heat sensors to regulate the warmth according to your body heat and outdoor temperatures. The battery life is 500 cycles and each recharge is good for up to five hours depending on the temperature setting. In other words, up to 2,500 hours of use. And that is a lot of hunt time, for many that is pushing a lifetime of use. They are water-resistant and have a durable soft cushion design for additional shock absorption. They are available in sizes from small to XXL and can be trimmed to fit most footwear.

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