Gear Review: Weaver Soft Sided Tool Kit

24.-Weaver-Soft-Sided-Tool-KitWhether you are an avid shooter or hunter or just someone who enjoys an occasional day on the range or in the field hunting, the time will come when you will need to fix a problem, mount a new scope or make an adjustment of one kind or another. And more often than not, it will occur when it is least expected, which always raises the immediate question “do I have the right tools on hand to do the job?” Weaver has answered this need with a number of tool and scope mounting kits.

Two of their most recent are their soft-sided tool kit that will do the job at home or on the range and the G.E.T. (Gunsmith Everyday Tool) that can be just the answer in the field or on the range for that emergency repair. The soft-sided tool kit has just about everything needed for a whole array of repair jobs or for mounting scopes and comes in a convenient soft-sided case for easy carry. It is essentially an on-the-go or portable gunsmith kit. Whereas the G.E.T. is a single multi tool that consists of 10 fold-out tools and a brass hammer that will tackle a multitude of jobs including firearm repairs to mounting a scope. Because of its portable and compact size, this tool is an ideal pack everywhere all in one repair tool.

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