Moose Populations Increase In Southern Saskatchewan

Moose have been gradually expanding their range southward within Saskatchewan over the past 30 years. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment’s approach to managing the increasing numbers of moose has been to create an annual hunter harvest across southern Wildlife Management Zones (WMZ).

Quotas have increased every year over the last four years — from 250 antlerless tags in 2008 to 1,335 tags in 2012. Each year harvest success is reviewed and adjustments are made to quotas based upon increases/decreases in the moose population, as well as the number of complaints from landowners and the public. The Ministry of Environment is also developing a management plan to address the issues associated with managing moose populations in the south.

The Saskatchewan government also supports the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation’s public safety awareness campaign called The Moose is Loose! The campaign, which has financial support from SGI, reminds drivers to slow down and watch for wildlife crossing the roads. As well, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways has placed warning signs (a yellow diamond shaped sign with a picture of a moose) in areas with frequent crossings. Courtesy Saskatchewan Environment

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