Outdoor Edge Advanced Game Processing DVD Library

20.-Outdoor-Edge-Game-Processing-DVD-LibraryMore and more hunters are starting to process their own wild game. For me, as for many hunters, it is the final phase in what consists of the preparation for a hunt, the hunt itself, the taking of an animal, field dressing it, cutting it and then processing some of it into a finished product such as sausage for your family.

It offers a real sense of pride that can only be described as “doing it yourself from the field to the table.” But it took me years to learn all these skills and it was, unfortunately, a piece meal affair. Now Outdoor Edge has put together a full library of four DVDs that cover every aspect of game processing, (including a bonus DVD “Hunting the Outdoors”). The first of these DVDs will take you through field dressing, caping, aging, quartering, de-boning, identifying primary muscles, grinding and packaging. The second is designed for the hunter who hunts in remote areas and needs to learn how to de-bone big game such as moose or elk in order to minimize carry weight. The third details how to make a variety of sausage from grinding, seasoning, preservatives and fat ratio to smoke application. The fourth covers making smoked jerky, nuggets, re-structured, formed and whole muscle jerky, as well as how to de-bone and trim the best cuts for whole muscle jerky. Nine hours of knowledgeable information all rolled in a single library of DVDs, a must for anyone wanting to do it himself.

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