Learn how to customize your rifle! How to choose the right riflescope! Avoid rifle deterioration. I have long been a fan of autoloading shotguns and presently own a half-dozen shotguns in this configuration. But that was where I have ended my ownership of autoloading firearms. There are a number of reason for this tendency but two of the most important, from my perspective, are predicated on the recovery time for follow up shots and the reduction in recoil when compared to either a pump gun or even an over-and-under when hunting with heavy loads. While I inherited one such .22 … Read more »

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Hunters: learn calling techniques for bull moose and elk. By the time I finally arrived at the small alpine meadow I had chosen for my first call site, the early rays of daylight were already creeping through the spruce. The wind was calm and that chilly late September air certainly held the promise of another bluebird day. Perfect for calling moose. As soon as I had my back propped up against a stump, I began a series of cow calls. The response was immediate. The bull, while quite some distance away, let forth a series of grunts that assured me … Read more »

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Burris Optics’ Eliminator II and Eliminator III LaserScopes are now being shipped to dealers across the country! The new 3.5x-10x-50 Eliminator LaserScope, which was introduced in August, starting shipping in October. ““After seeing the overwhelming success of the original Eliminator LaserScope, we are very excited for hunters and shooters to begin experiencing our most sophisticated yet easy to use automated-trajectory-compensation system of the newest generation of Eliminator scopes,”” said Rob Siemers, general manager. ““With three new Eliminator LaserScopes from which to choose, we have one that will fit the needs and budgets of most every shooter. And we have them … Read more »

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Western Canada’s Hunting Forecast: A mild winter of 2011-2012 means great prospects. The winter of 2011-2012 will be remembered in Western Canada for being mild — one of the warmest and driest on record. So mild, in fact, that some winter game surveys could not be conducted because of lack of snow, a very unusual occurrence. This was a very welcome change from the previous nasty winter (2010-2011), which claimed numbers of big game animals and resulted in restricted hunting and lowered success in 2011. Canadian winters can be tough on man and beast and some game animals do not survive. … Read more »

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