Check out these new Polartec base layers from Cabela’s. Looking for a technical base layer with some substance to it? Check out Thermal Zone base layers from Cabela’s. Using Polartec’s Power Dry High Efficiency fabrics, these base layers are designed to wick moisture and keep in heat when you need it most — during January in Canada. Polartec studied body thermography to determine the critical areas that maintain core temperature. Combining three weights of strategically placed fabric, Thermal Zone tops provide maximum breathability, warmth and comfort. Heavy weight fabric is used in the core and maximum exposed areas, mid-weight is … Read more »

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Here’s a mouthwatering onion soup that’s loaded with tender chunks of moose meat and is hearty enough to stand alone as the full meal deal. Traditional French-style onion soup recipes are typically made with beef stock but contain no meat. They are excellent as first course fare but, in my opinion, not as delicious or as filling as this moose hunter’s special that’s loaded with tender chunks of lean moose making it hearty enough to come to the table as the full meal deal. I usually make this soup out of a hefty moose round steak, not because other venison … Read more »

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Bushnell Outdoor Products has introduced a line of Legend Ultra HD riflescopes for 2012 — optics that combine premium features with a bargain price. The product line features nine models enhanced with a host of new features for optimal performance and lasting reliability. Featuring fully multi-coated optics, the Legend Ultra HD riflescopes deliver 89 per cent light transmission for a clear, crisp sight picture. In addition to providing optical excellence, the Legend Ultra HD riflescope is engineered to withstand the rigors of shooting sports and whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Each scope in the series is 100 per cent … Read more »

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It’s time to buy a new scope — but with all the choices in the marketplace, how do you know what’s right for you? The world of rifle scopes can be a confusing one, especially given the propensity for manufacturers to throw around acronyms, numbers and phrases; some of which were quite literally invented by them and are often little more than marketing jargon. Figuring out what it all means can be a daunting task and figuring out what best suits your needs can be even more challenging. Let’s start with the basics. Magnification & Zoom Virtually all optics utilize … Read more »

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Whether it’s for turkey season or for the fall waterfowl hunts you’re planning — Winchester’s Super X Pump, now available in 12 gauge 3 ½ chambering, will be ready. All SXP models feature the fast and dependable speed from the inertia-assisted rotary bolt design that delivers three shots in a half-second.  Invector-Plus choke system, hard chrome chamber and bore and drop-out trigger group are also featured on the new 3 ½” SXP Pump. The Super X Pump will be offered in a Waterfowl Hunter, Turkey Hunter and Black Shadow models. The SXP Waterfowl Hunter will be offered in 26” or … Read more »

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Regardless of the season, a plethora of extracurricular shooting opportunities abound. Pressing the button on my rangefinder, it read 34 metres to the mound. I waited patiently and, minutes later a small beige head emerged from an adjacent hole in the ground. Cautious but eager to soak up a few rays, in short order, the slender rodent threw caution to the wind, stretched out, and then sat upright on its haunches. I raised my Carbon Element and hoped like crazy that the gopher wouldn’t spook and retreat to the safety of its hole. Locking my sight pin on its tiny … Read more »

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