You and four friends would have a relaxing afternoon on the lake in the new Princecraft Hudson DLX WS aluminium boat. The boat, weighing in at about 1,325 pounds with a built-in gas tank able to hold just over 100 litres, makes an ideal fishing vessel. Features include: Bow raised casting platform Deep cycle battery storage compartment Large storage compartment Electric-fill, aerated livewell placed in the stern and able to hold about 77 litres Nine foot, lockable rod storage compartment without supports Twin consoles with a steering system Walk-through tinted, tempered glass windshield, with door There are also many factory-installed … Read more »

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Scotty electric downrigger, No. 1106 Depthpower 36 inches to 60 inches! The most popular Scotty electric downrigger, this model comes with a boom that telescopes for extra reach and collapses for extra storage. Includes: 60-inch, with one-and-a-quarter inch diameter, telescoping stainless steel boom, which collapses to 36 inches for storage Boom mounted No. 350 Rodmaster II rod holder One Power Grip Plus line release 1026 pedestal swivel mount Join us on Facebook! Do you like what you’re reading? Subscribe to Western Sportsman print edition today! Find more fishing gear!

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With a range performance of up to 1,000 yards, the Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC DX laser rangefinder can help you zone in on your quarry faster and more precise than ever. This waterproof model features Angle Range Compensation in two different modes: bow mode, which gives a true horizontal distance between seven and 199 yards; and rifle mode, which displays holdover and bullet drop in inches, centimetres, MOA and 1/10th MIL. Accurate to within half a yard, the Scout 1000 ARC DX can also be set to match what your riflescope is zeroed at, making for a much more exact … Read more »

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Dear Dave, I have in my possession an Imperial Ammo catalogue from 1978. On page three it has a chart listing standard lead shot sizes, pellets per ounce, etc. The three largest shot sizes are SG, also known as 1 Buck, SSG also known as 0 Buck, and spec SSG also known as 00 Buck. My question is, what does the SG or SSG designation stand for? Also, do you know where a fellow can get a chart that gives the number of pellets per ounce for steel shot? Thanking you in advance for your time and effort, look forward … Read more »

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When the topic of ethics comes up amongst hunters and anglers, it almost always stirs up a debate. One hunter or angler doesn’t see or understand the other’s views and the table is set for a debate, and some of them can get quite heated. Hunting ethics are defined in the Boone and Crockett Club’s Fair Chase Statement and are listed under six main rules. According to the club’s website, the Fair Chase Statement, as defined by the Boone and Crockett Club, is the ethical, sportsmanlike and lawful pursuit and taking of any free-ranging, wild, native North American big game … Read more »

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About eight years ago, I introduced my sons, Brandon and Sean, to fly fishing for pike. Within the first few hours of our initial trip, the pike’s fear-nothing, take-no-prisoners attitude etched a place within their psyche. I was no different. Pike aren’t called the water wolf for nothing – a stark comparison to trout, the usual fly rod quarry.   Know Your Quarry When chasing pike on the fly, it is important to have a good, basic knowledge of its habits and seasonal movements. Knowledge that helps you explore the right locations, choose the right equipment and make the correct … Read more »

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Alberta is a very diverse province. The towering Rocky Mountains flow easterly through the foothills into parkland country and finally, meet the rolling native prairie grasslands that span as far as your eyes can see. Boreal forests cover the northern half of the province, providing habitat for animals of all kinds, and signs of oil exploration can be found throughout the province, giving Alberta the label of black gold. In May 2011, I was seeking a different kind of black treasure – bow hunting for black bears. May in Alberta begins rather brown-looking in the bush. The fall leaves are … Read more »

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It’s undeniable that walleye anglers have a love affair with soft baits. From dainty, finesse offerings, to mondo grande plastics for power fishing, there are options for virtually every scenario. The following are some of the most effective squishy offerings available and a rundown on when, where and how to fish them for bragging-sized ‘eyes.   Give Them the Boot A swimbait is one of my favourite lures to cover water quickly when searching for walleye. As their diet is heavily reliant on fish, using a four to six-inch swimbait appeals to a walleye’s preference and desire for a belly-filling … Read more »

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