Gear Review: Leupold VX-R scope

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I have now had the opportunity to use and test two of Leupold’s VX-R scopes, the latest being the VX-R 3-9x50mm CDS while on my sixth African safari. Both were nothing short of impressive. In fact, my PH on that safari was so impressed with this scope that it stayed behind to offer him years of great shooting.

This scope is so full of innovative features that I don’t have the space to cover them all. In general, with its Index Matched Lens System and Quantum Optical System, the optical quality is excellent. I may even have to conclude that it is one of the best North American-made optics I have used. And with its 30-millimetre tube made of 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum, DiamondCoat on its exterior lenses, and second generation argon/krypton waterproofing, it is one tough scope that, of course, carries Leupold’s lifetime guarantee.

But for me, it is the all-new fibre optic LED illumination system employed in the FireDot Reticle System and its CDS (Custom Dial System) that are the innovative standouts. The FireDot (illuminated) reticle, in five options, can easily be adjusted for intensity and, which after five minutes of inactivity switches to a standby mode but is instantly reactivated as soon as the rifle is moved, is a perfect choice for low-light hunts.

The CDS system is the best long-range dial system I have used because it is so simple. Briefly, I will describe how it worked for me on my safari. Once I had selected my ammo, I contacted Leupold and they sent me an elevation dial matched to that ammo so, when I had an opportunity at a long range warthog, I simply determined with a range finder that the distance was 355 yards, I then turned my dial to 3.5 and held dead on for a perfect shoulder shot. It can’t get much better or simpler than that.

MSRP: $749.99

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Find more articles on hunting gear!

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