Gear Review: Remington Hyper Sonic ammo

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Factory ammunition just keeps on improving. It was not too far in the past that I used reloaded ammunition exclusively, but not so any longer. Not only has accuracy improved in factory ammunition, but also terminal performance has improved, with many of the new and improved bullets being used in this ammo. Not to mention that I was always of the view that I could build a load that would generate more velocity and down-range energy than any factory ammo on the market. That has also gone by the wayside.

This year, Remington has hit the market with their new Hyper Sonic Centerfire ammo, which provides up to 200 feet per second faster velocities than standard loads and, when combined with the use in this ammunition of the Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded bullet, it should be one very lethal cartridge for long-range game.

It is available in numerous chamberings, from the .223 Remington up to the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum.

MSRP for Standard calibres is approximately $25 per box

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Find more articles on hunting gear!

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