ON THE LINE: How I got here

My journey starts at the Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen’s Show, where my wife, who, wanting to get into more outdoor activities, purchased a rod and reel combination. Having my own at home, we purchased a few lures and a tackle box and we were set to go.

First thing’s first – where do we fish in Alberta? We previously lived in the Red Deer area and I knew nothing about Edmonton and the surrounding area, so I went to the books. Thankfully I have a loving and supportive wife, and she brought home magazines that, over the next few months, will have lots of wear in the pages. The magazines have all sorts of information, but the one I started out with details maps and various locations across Alberta that are great for fishing.

One of the only things I remembered from my childhood, for some strange reason, was how to tie a trilene knot. A quick check on the Internet to reassure my memory and we were off.

Our first trip fishing was to Muir Lake. As a youngster, we fished for rainbow trout and since it’s one of the only fish that I know, and Muir Lake was supposed to be a great place to fish for them, we decided to start there. Although I did do a little bit of pike and walleye fishing as a kid, it was the rainbow that always got my heart excited. The feisty little fish, with their acrobatics through the air, make any fishing trip an exciting one.

We fished from shore, my wife and I, and we brought our dog along. If you take your dog fishing, make sure of a few things: one is to make sure there’s plenty of space for him and two is that he isn’t a scavenger like our dog. He dug holes, chased birds and I am pretty sure he scared all of the fish off.

Muir Lake wasn’t a great start, although we did get a lot of casting practice in. The fish seemed allergic to our lures. It was a great time, despite that fact, and I suppose that is why they call it fishing and not catching. This trip did not deter me, but sent me back to the books and the Internet in search of ways and lures to catch those pesky rainbows.

Until next time, keep your rod up.

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