ON THE LINE: Introduction

Welcome to the first edition of many, to my journey of becoming an expert fisherman.

As a child, I did some fishing with my family. We mostly used pickerel rigs, so my knowledge as an adult now is very minuscule.

This blog is all about my journey through the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations of learning how to fish.

At 32 years old and from a family that is full of golfers, myself being a CPGA-certified professional, you can imagine I do not have very many people to pull my new information from. I plan to learn by reading through magazines, the Internet and the countless hours I have spent, and plan to continue to spend, watching The Fishing Network. And of course, the many hours I plan to spend on the lakeshore, practicing my newfound knowledge.

I’m sure there will many interesting moments, and stories, from frustrating ones to ones of pure joy, as I reel in fish. (Hopefully!)

My journey in golf has taught me that it’s not about the score that you shoot, but the journey that you take, the lessons that you have learned and how to cope with both the ups and downs; I hope my path into fishing will give me many memories, and lessons learned so I can teach them to others.

Until next week, keep your rod up.

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