ON THE LINE: Fishing the river

Well we decided that we should give the North Saskatchewan River a try. We grabbed our spin reels and tackle and I had pre-assembled some bottom bouncers using artificial bait. If you don’t know what a bottom bouncer is, you use a three-way swivel and off one end is your main line, below that is the weight and then the third line, using about two to three feet of line, is your bait.

We headed down to the river’s edge and right away I knew it was going to be trouble. In front of us was the perfect spot – the current of the river was swirling and it created a little pool. The bad side was the current was strong. I started with a spinner and soon realized the current was too strong so I switched to the bottom bouncer.

After a couple of casts, and most of those ending in snags, I moved down and cast into the river one more time. Michaela hollered at me that hers was stuck so I started to retrieve mine. I too got stuck so I yelled at her to hang on and then in happened: my reel snapped off of my rod. I used my hands to drag in my lure and then proceeded to get hers unstuck.

I decided to get a new reel and rod. I was glad that I did research and was already prepared to purchase one. We ended our day and packed up and headed to the sports store, but with some complications we had to head home once again empty handed. But it was ok as it allowed me to be more prepared to purchase my new rod and reel another day.

Lesson learned: make sure your equipment matches your location – a river has strong currents so a light-to-medium-action rod is no good. Get one that is medium-to-heavy action and it is longer than seven feet. This will help you with the current and fighting the fish.

Until next time, keep your rod tip up.

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