ON THE LINE: Float fishing

After a few trips, I decided to try Muir Lake on my own. I awoke at 4:30 in the morning, jumped in my car and drove out there. I set up my chair and put my tackle together. I really believe in float fishing, where you fish with a bobber and a fly – it’s close to the natural food source the fish eat. The first time I went I just brought my chair, rod and tackle. During trips after, I brought a book to read. As much as I enjoy the fishing, I also enjoy the nature, the quiet and the beauty of it all.

That first trip by myself, it had been about 20 minutes before my line started to go tight. I got so excited and started to reel in. Then it happened – the fish jumped, and what a fish; I would estimate he was about 18 inches. I started to let the fish take line out and then I realized that I had eight-pound test line and there was no way it was breaking. I started to reel him in when the worst thing happened: my line went slack and the fly came back at me. The fish had shaken it loose. I was so disappointed that I did the wrong thing and just threw the fly back out. After about five minutes, I realized I should check the fly. I reeled it in and sure enough the fly had done its job and so did the line. The fish literally pulled so hard it ripped the hook and part of its mouth off.

Lessons learned on this trip:

  • If you want to win the battle, watch the tension
  • Always check your tackle after every fish
  • If you aren’t getting any bites, reel in and see if anything is amiss with your tackle, and maybe reeling in will entice a fish to bite after all


Until next time, keep your rod up.

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