ON THE LINE: New rod

I spent many hours on the computer trying to find the right rod for myself. In doing my research, I discovered that if you are going to purchase a rod/reel combination do not spend under $150, as anything priced under that does not last very long. I am a big believer that it is good practice to be wise when purchasing. If you are on a budget, yes, there are good options, but you will be spending the money again in a year or two. I wanted to get a rod that had a soft tip for jigging and creating more action with the lure. Plus the tip will also help detect small bites.

With my new knowledge, we headed to the store and began my hunt. I searched around for what seemed like hours until we finally got some help. I told the gentleman what I was looking for and was curious about baitcasters. I know that if you are unfamiliar with them, they are harder to use. The main reason is they are freer flowing – it keeps spinning even when the lure has hit the water so tangles are more likely to happen if you are not careful. His response was, “Don’t get one.” So he pointed me to a Quantum spin cast that was worth $50. I immediately thanked him and sent him on his way. I told him I wanted to spend $150 and no less and when I asked about baitcasters and he gave a “no” right away.

I continued my search alone and finally found it – the Rapala Walleye Series rod for jigging. And for my reel, an Abu Garcia Cardinal STX, with seven bearings and a good gear ratio for what I was going to be using it for, plus lots of line capacity.

With my new purchase and some line, I was ready to go.

If my information is ever incorrect, please feel free to comment on Western Sportsman’s Facebook page about it.

Until next time, keep your rod up.

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