ON THE LINE: Using leeches

After a couple of fruitless trips to Muir Lake, plus someone telling us that Muir Lake is one of the toughest lakes to fish due to a lot of people fishing it, we decided to try fishing for pike. My wife and I had a trip coming up, to the Northwest Territories, and we needed to get the feeling of having a fish on the line.

We packed up one morning and headed out to Wizard Lake, also near Edmonton. After a bit of research we figured out what we needed: a wire leader, some spinners and spoons and I rigged up a bottom bouncer to try. I would soon realize that one should learn a few different tactics to battle the fish, as one must adapt to the fish’s needs in order to catch them.

We spent about two hours at Wizard Lake and realized that it just wasn’t going to happen that day. The place we tried had no structure, it was hot out and the fish would be in the depths and we couldn’t get our lines out that far.

We were certainly finding that shore fishing isn’t as easy as it might seem.

We headed back to Edmonton, making a stop off in Devon to try fishing in the North Saskatchewan River, but it seemed like the whole town of Devon was there, so we continued on. As we were driving home, we found a small pond that was sponsored and stocked by a local fish and game club. With only enough room for a couple of people to fish off the dock, and there was already a couple of people there, it was another bust.

Our final try for the day was the Beaumont Community Pond. It’s a cute setting, with a pond settled in beside a spray park almost in the middle of town.

We started with spoons, but after a few casts with no luck I switched us up and we started using flies and a bobber. A fly modeled to look like a leech seemed to be the best bet and within about 30 minutes it happened – fish on! He wasn’t that big obviously, but those little guys can put up a good fight. I passed my rod to my wife, who reeled in the little guy. And as luck would have it, we caught four fish that day. One was on a dry fly and the rest where on leeches – two while the leech just sat there in the water and one while my wife was reeling in. This was a great lesson as it showed the versatility of the leech.

Until next week, keep your rod up.


Pictured: The view on Wizard Lake was great, but the fish weren’t biting.

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