Gear Review: Knightmare

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New for 2013 is Obsession’s fastest bow, the 350-feet-per-second Knightmare. The bow is available in flat black, Predator 3-D Camo and custom colours upon request.

Coming in at four pounds, the Knightmare has a dual draw stop with an easy let off to assure accurate shots. The angled cable rod is engineered to reduce draw friction and actually lowers torque on the riser as you draw. It also features anti-torque cable guards to reduce cam lean, and the Lethal Cam II is equipped with timing marks and interchangeable draw modules.

Obsession Bows offer a 100 per cent warranty for the limbs, riser and eccentrics for the life of the bow.

When you have been busted by that bull elk, at full draw, waiting him out is not an issue. The Knightmare is one of the easiest bows to hold at full draw for any extended length of time.

Obsession Bows have two Canadian dealers, with Westside Stores in Salmon Arm, BC, and Bowbusters Archery in Vanscoy, Sask.


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Find more articles on hunting gear!

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