ON THE LINE: Go with what works

With my new rod and reel, we decided to try a new place. So, we headed out to East Pit Lake, west of Edmonton. It was a pretty easy place to drive to and only an hour outside the city, so we arrived at the perfect dinnertime. I was dead set on using a fly and bobber, as it had some success at Muir Lake and a lot at the small pond in Beaumont.

I tied on my small, black and red leech pattern and tossed it in. I had a couple of bites throughout the night and I believe the disadvantage to the bobber is the hook set. These fish are not big so feeling when they are biting is a must and the bobber takes that away. My wife wanted to use spoons and spinners, casting it out and reeling it in. I let her know that letting it sink and trying different ways to reel it in are good tactics, as it allows you to find the fish. She also really likes to use baits that look like real minnows, but more on that later.

We had been there for about two hours when I tossed my fly in and, as it was sinking, a fish struck. I realize now that, even at Beaumont, they struck within minutes of the fly landing. I believe it is when the fly resembles a real fly the most. I reeled in my prize – not a big fish, but a fish nonetheless. No matter the size, I find the capture to be the biggest prize. It’s a triumph to find the right fly or lure and use the correct tactic to get your fish. I am a big believer in sport fishing. Lots of Alberta lakes are drying up with fish and the idea that someday these lakes won’t be the high-end fishery for my kids, as they are to me, makes me sad.

Lesson of the week: try all sorts of things – what isn’t conventional today doesn’t matter as long as you catch the fish.

Keep your rod tip up.

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