ON THE LINE: Yellow Dog Lodge

We awoke the next morning and had an amazing breakfast. During breakfast, we met a very nice couple from Yellowknife, who try to come to the lodge once a year. We also learned the day’s activities and Kirsten Tarves, a new guide with the lodge, was going to take us out for the day.

We got ready and headed down to the tackle room for rods and a life vest, and 10 minutes later we are in the boat and headed to a hot spot for lake trout.

We were going to be using a cisco rig and frozen bait. Then, just letting out some line, and wait for a bite. This type of fishing always appeals to me, as I was more out there for the relaxation than anything.

It wasn’t long before we were into the fish and it was exciting as the four to eight-pound fish were the average ones there, with the lake trout getting up to 30 pounds.

We did end up keeping one of our catches and enjoyed a nice on shore lunch. Although I am not a fan of fish to eat, but more for the sport, the freshness of it and the batter they used could not be passed up. And topped off with potatoes, baked beans and corn, it was an experience in itself.

The other women at the lodge informed us that they had caught a 30-pound laker that day and although it seems like it would be a long battle, this fish only pulled line once.

During our afternoon trip, I hooked into a big one and the battle was on. The only problem was the rod and reel I was using were no match for this fish – the drag system was older and no matter how much I reeled, the fish just kept on running. It just goes to show how much energy is expelled from both sides of the fight, as within minutes my arms were tired and it was just will keeping me going. I lost that fish, but it didn’t matter – the day was great, the company was amazing and it will be a day I will never forget.

Tip of the week: it maybe cumbersome to travel with your own gear, but knowing your rod and reel is a big help.

Until next time, keep your rod up!

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