ON THE LINE: Attempting to jig

After getting our gear set up and finding what we thought would be a good location on Johnston Lake, we started jigging off the side of the boat. Well, I started to jig off the side of the boat. Michaela tossed her jig out and then reeled it in. Little did I know that this girl was going to teach me something about fishing that I would have never read in a book. She was the first to land a fish out of the two of us – a small pike. Although not big, the pike provided a lot of entertainment. She caught a walleye next. It had been awhile since I caught a walleye and I had forgotten how sharp they are and cut myself a bit.

I was still jigging off the side, at different depths, doing everything that I had remembered in my books and reading on the Internet and still nothing. I tried different spots on the lake and still nothing. Finally I tossed it out and started reeling it in, and bam, fish on. I continued to catch fish with this method and even lost count of how many we caught, but I am sure it was into the 30s. At one point I changed jig bodies and asked Michaela if she thought it would work. I tossed the new jig out and no sooner did it hit the top of the water and another fish was on it.

I also discovered a rod that, although it can be picked up at Canadian Tire for half the cost of most rods, is one of the best I will ever use – Ugly Stick.

We had a lot of fun together on that lake. Nothing beats fishing with the wife – a beautiful surrounding both in and out of the boat.

The weather picked up near the end of our trip to Johnston Lake, with the wind blowing and rain starting to come down.

And the lesson learned? Books and how-to articles can teach you a lot, but make sure to experiment on your own. You never know what new information you can learn from that.

Until next time, keep your rod tip up.

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