ON THE LINE: Solo fishing at the lodge

On the Sunday, on the third day of our trip, we planned to head to Johnston Lake in the afternoon for some walleye fishing. This left us with a couple of hours to fish in the morning. Since we didn’t have a guide, Michaela and I grabbed a boat, some cisco rigs and headed out onto Duncan Lake, the smaller of the two lakes where Yellow Dog Lodge is situated.

I got the rigs ready and we dropped them down. Garret, the senior guide at the lodge, told us where to go to fish for lake trout.

It was a great experience to be out there, just the wife and me. The feeling of nobody else around for miles, except the people at the lodge, is a calm and peaceful one.

It wasn’t long before we hooked into a laker and pulled it into the boat.

There are many ways to release a fish, but this is how I do it: first, I wet my hands; I don’t want the oil in my hands affecting the fish. Second, I take the hook out quickly, and barbless hooks work great for this. Then, a quick picture and I place the fish in the water and just hold it there. Most people move the fish back and forth. I have read several articles that go against this, saying it’s against the fish’s natural movement and there is always a current in the water. I hold the fish there until it swims out of my hand with force.

We fished for about two hours and caught eight fish between us, ranging from three to eight pounds.

The tricky part about fishing is finding structure or cover, but more on that next week.

Until next time, keep your rod up.

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