ON THE LINE: Spot fishing pike

On Monday, July 8, the day before we were scheduled to fly back home, we spent the day fishing with Garrett Fyfe, senior guide at Yellow Dog Lodge. For the morning, we fished for lake trout. After catching a few trout and having another great shore lunch, we embarked on the best time I will probably ever have on the lake.

Garrett took us into a little inlet on Duncan Lake and it was full of pike – anywhere from 12 inches long to over 40.

The cool part was that I was able to stand on the bow of the boat, cast to the pike and then reeled them in. I had never spot fished before this and if you haven’t, I highly recommend you put it on your list, especially if you’re after pike. With the water being shallow in this bay, but still pretty clear, we were able to watch the pike as they snaked through the water towards our lures and then attacked them. At one point, Garrett was releasing one and he turned around to see the 37-inch pike I had just hooked. If you are standing in a boat, though, remember: safety first. I did have a couple of falls.

When battling big fish, you have to be prepared for the eventual moment when you have the line tight and the fish spits the hook out. This is a problem because if you’re not paying attention, the hook will come flying back at you. While we were fishing, I had this happen and the hook came flying towards Garrett’s face. Good thing he’s quick and got his hands up.

One trick I learned is to lift the rod up as soon as you feel the tension go slack.

The smallest pike we caught that afternoon was 18 inches and the largest was 46 inches. We also landed a 37-incher and a 42-incher. Although the huge ones are a lot of fun and look good on camera, they didn’t put up a big fight. It seemed like the smaller guys had more stamina and liked to splash around more, which is where is excitement is for me.

Until next time, keep your rod tip up.

Pictured: Myself and Garrett (right) and one of the huge pike we caught that afternoon.

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