Gear Review: G-TAC Ghost harness

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Gorilla Gear G-TAC Ghost harness

The G-TAC Ghost performance fit vest from Gorilla Gear incorporates a unique tether system into a comfortable vest. Unlike standard-length tethers, the 30-inch proprietary tether offers both a performance and a safety benefit. First, the additional length gives hunters a 360-degree shooting range for unrestricted shot angles. This means the hunter chooses the shot versus taking the shot that the tether permits.

Second, falls can happen. And, if a hunter falls while wearing the G-TAC Ghost, the harness provides a 40 per cent gentler fall due to a unique tether webbing system. Unlike other harnesses, Gorilla Gear does not use box stitches, which rely on a single stitch for strength. Instead, the Gorilla Gear webbing construction overlaps and loops around providing the ability to ride down in a gentler manner during a fall event.

The G-TAC Ghost key features include:

  • Fully adjustable 30-inch tether system with pleated breakaway
  • Two oversized vest pockets
  • Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity camo
  • Quick release flocked mating buckles
  • Universal fit for waist sizes ranging from 28 inches to 51 inches
  • Shoulder gun pad

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Find more articles on hunting gear!

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