NEWS: Wild Boars In Manitoba

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Some Manitoba farmers blaming wild boar for crop destruction

Wild boars are becoming a growing problem in Manitoba, according to some farmers in the province. Farmer Kenny Harpelle said crop circles are the typical kind of destruction that the animals leave behind.

“They like corn,” said Harpelle. “They knock it down, just trample it and it is just 100 per cent gone wherever they want to feed.”

Harpelle said he has lost up to $10,000 worth of corn this year due to wild boar, and believes there could be 20 of the animals around his property. Last year, one of his neighbours lost a whole field of corn to wild boar. The animals are intelligent, said Harpelle, and they return to the same crop to tear more and more down.

Wild boars are mostly nocturnal and difficult to hunt. They have also been known to charge people in some instances.

“If they feel threatened and there is young around, they will charge and they won’t stop,” said Clinton Hood, who runs a website about wild boars.

Hood tracks the animals online to better understand how they reproduce and where they live. Check his website,, for more information, including hunting regulations and tips.

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