Jan. 4 to 9, 2014, saw me travelling to Nashville, Tenn., for the Archery Trade Association (ATA) trade show.

As a born and raised country girl, Nashville is like the Mother Land for me. I had never been there before, but always wanted to go, so this provided an opportunity to learn so much more about my sport of choice and take in all of the tourist attractions Nashville had to offer.

Needless to say, it was an amazing trip. I truly could have stayed there forever.

Besides being able to explore Nashville in all of its splendor, the ATA Show was incredible. The Music City Convention Centre was packed with everything and anything to do with archery and bow hunting. I was able to shoot new bows from PSE, Hoyt, Prime and others, I saw the release of the two new bows from BowTech, I toured booths from companies that made arrows, releases, stabilizers, bow cases, broadheads, tree stands, hunting clothes, scent control products, game animal attractants and so much more.

As a woman in the archery industry, I paid particular attention to any products catering to women or those with shorter draw lengths/lower poundage bows. It wasn’t always easy to find these products, but it’s a Catch 22 for archery companies – they can’t invest the money into making products for women until there are women that want to shoot, but there won’t be women that want to shoot until there are more products available to them.

I was interested in the new Hot Pursuit arrows from Carbon Express, which promise a flatter trajectory for people shooting with shorter draw lengths or lower poundage bows. Hoyt’s new Carbon Spyder captured my attention right away and I was able to test it in their shooting lanes. It was easy to draw back and released beautifully, with no vibration or jumping. It comes in a few size options, for taller or shorter archers, and I am curious to see if their 33-inch model, the Carbon Spyder Turbo, will play a role in helping to correct any torquing I experience when I shoot. They offer the 30-inch Carbon Spyder, Hoyt’s lightest and most compact Spyder.

As a PSE shooter, I was pleased to see a few new additions to the PSE line up for 2014, especially those that will fit me. The Verge, a hunting bow, and the Phenom SD, advertised as a target bow, are both of particular interest. Most of PSe’s main line bows will also accommodate my shorter draw length.

Anyone that knows me can tell you I’m a stickler for organization and having everything in its place. The new 4517 Deluxe Bow Case from Easton was like a dream come true for me. Not only is the case padded for extra protection for my precious bow, but it also has room to accommodate cubes, which Velcro in and have a zipper close. Imagine the organization! No more tossing my tools into the front pocket of my bow case – every piece of equipment for my bow would have a home.

Those were just a few of the product highlights during the ATA Show, but I spent three days touring and there was plenty more to see. Watch upcoming editions of Western Sportsman for more products.

Pictured at the top, the view of Nashville from the hotel.

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