After considering the upgrades I’d like to make to my PSE Chaos bow, I decided my first upgrade should be my arrow rest. On Sunday, March 9, I traded in my whisker biscuit rest for a drop-away rest by Rip Cord. Of course, I bought the rest in green so it’ll match the camo on my bow.

With nothing standing in the arrow’s way with a drop-away rest, I’ve heard accuracy and arrow flight should improve greatly. I was able to watch Richard, from Trophy Book Archery, as he set the rest up, and then it was my turn to try it out and sight my bow in again.

I noticed with my first three shots that quite a bit of adjusting was needed – my arrows landed lower than they normally did with my whisker biscuit rest. But as far as accuracy was concerned, the rumours were true. I found my accuracy had improved greatly with this seemingly minor adjustment. After properly adjusting my sight, I nailed three arrows into the 10-ring right away.

I decided to go with the Rip Cord drop-away rest, as opposed to a spring-loaded rest, because I wanted a rest that would still house my arrow. I intend to have my PSE Chaos as my hunting bow and I don’t want my arrows falling off my rest when I’m trying to draw back for a shot, or when the bow is hanging up, waiting for that buck to walk out.

All in all, I am extremely happy with this purchase. It was well worth the investment.

Up next, I think I’m able to increase the poundage on my bow and then I’m on the hunt for a new release. On Sunday I was able to try out the Chocolate release, by Carter, and I quite liked it. I want to try several types before investing my money, though. As a woman in the archery industry, it’s often difficult to find products that fit me well – bows tend to be too heavy, their draw lengths too long or the poundage too much for me to be able to handle. The same problem applies with releases – for releases that wrap around your wrist, I find a lot of them are too big for my wrist. The handheld releases tend to spread my fingers apart too much, because they’re made for bigger hands. Finding a new release should be an interesting process, and hopefully there’s enough product out there to give me a reasonable choice.

Pictured at the top: After having the new arrow rest installed, my accuracy improved right away.

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