I’m sure that, as you’ve been reading these blog posts, you may have noticed that I don’t particularly like being treated differently simply because I’m a woman. Some women like using “I’m just a girl” as a scapegoat, but that’s not me. If the boys can do it, I can do it.

And that brings us to my latest escapade – a thumb release.

I have seen a lot of the shooters at Trophy Book using different handheld releases – a thumb release, a back-tension release, you name it. They’ve been telling me that these releases help with accuracy and I wanted to give it a whirl.

As I mentioned previously, I tried the Chocolate release, from Carter, and I also recently tried the Ember II, from Carter as well. Both were releases I borrowed from other shooters so I could try them out. I quite liked the Ember II – it has the capability for some adjustments, such as where the thumb release is positioned and a piece that can extend the release so all four fingers can fit. Both of these are very handy adjustments – I needed to re-positioned the thumb release because my hands are small and the piece to extend the release helps to make me feel more confident. The last thing I want is the release slipping out of my hand. (That’s the quickest way to punch yourself in the jaw, send the arrow flying wonky and watch the release skid down the lane.)

I plan to practice with the Ember II a bit more, but I think it’s safe to say that this will be my new release. One of the archers told me it takes a good six months to properly adjust to such a big change (going from a stable release that wraps around my wrist, to a handheld release) and they all know that when competition time comes around again, I’ll be fierce in my determination to get it right. And accurate. Another woman that I shoot with was reminiscing with me about the troubles she had finding a good handheld release. She had the same problems I did – not being able to find a release small enough to fit in her hand properly.

But one thing is for certain: I’ve changed my sight to accommodate this new release, and it’s detrimental to go back and forth between releases, so endless practicing has now begun.

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