Leopard Sharks Near Alcatraz

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I consider myself a history fanatic, so when my wife said we’re going on a well-deserved five day family getaway to San Francisco, Calif., I quickly booked a guided tour to see the legendary and historic maximum security prison, Alcatraz. The tour of the prison and Alcatraz Island was everything I could have hoped for. Many of the country’s most dangerous criminals were incarcerated on the island during Alcatraz’s 29-year reign as the most feared prison in the country. And many areas of the prison still remain the same today as they did during 1930 through to 1963, when the last inmates were taken off the island.

The tour was very hands on and it was an odd feeling to stand in the same cells that George “Machinegun” Kelly, Robert “The Birdman” Stroud and Al Capone, the ruler of the Chicago underworld, had occupied.

However, my feelings quickly turned back to angling as we crossed the bay from the dreaded island back to San Francisco. I was surrounded by water and there was no way I could leave San Francisco without wetting a line. I’m fully aware of my fishing weakness so before I left home I researched the fishing and fishing guides in the area and I already had a fishing trip booked for the next day.

It seems funny that an Alberta boy has a list of shark species that he wants to catch, but I do. And over the years I’ve been slowly working my way through my list of 11 shark species and during my stay in San Francisco, I hoped to scratch another one off my list.

The waters surrounding San Francisco has one of the largest populations of leopard sharks throughout the west coast and, as luck would have it, leopard shark was on my list. I hired the services of Long-Fin Fishing Charters and after a few conversations about my targeted species, Jason assured me he would put me on the leopard sharks. Jason co-ordinated my fishing time with the tides and by 1:30 p.m., I had caught and released 12 leopard shark, five stingrays, including a 75-pound ray, 11 sand-sharks and a variety of other saltwater species.

Plan a fishing trip with your next family vacation. You will be glad you did!

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Find more articles about fishing for saltwater fish!

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