ON THE LINE: For the love of nature

When I golfed, I put my heart and soul into it. I spent every waking hour reading and then trying new things when I was able to get to the range. After years and years of trying, I finally got to where I wanted to be: a Canadian professional golfer. No, not a guy who plays for money. I worked out of a pro shop in a central Alberta golf course. During this time, I met my wife and she is the light of my life. It wasn’t until I met her that I realized what life is really about.

When I golfed, I played to be the best that I could be. When I started golfing less and less, I realized something: it wasn’t the score that I shot that really mattered, but the moments I created while shooting those scores. I believe the same applies to all facets of life, including fishing. You can go out there, head down with your rod and reel in hand and fish using all of the tactics that you have learned over the years. Yes, you may catch a lot of fish and brag to your buddies about it, but have you really caught the essence of life?

To me, the water will always be the most beautiful sight in the world, nature wise. The wonder of what lies beneath, the way the waves move; it just captures my imagination, catches my thoughts and takes me out of the world I am in.

The next time that you go out fishing, camping, hiking or whichever activity that you do outside, I want you to do something different: look around let yourself get lost in the exact moment that you are in. Look at the rocks, the trees, the ants roaming around; I know it sounds silly, but if you truly appreciate the world that we live in, you will understand.

Until next time, keep your rod tip up.

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