Opening Day Pike

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Opening day of the fair-weather fishing season is one of the most exciting times of the year for anglers. For many anglers, the morning of is just like Christmas morning. With so many fish species to fish for, what and where is an angler to start?

My all-time favourite species to fish for is walleye. However, I will get my fill of walleye fishing during the tournament season, which starts a week after opening day. In my mind, opening day and opening week, for that matter, is for top water pike; and there’s rarely a new fishing season that I’m not on the water opening week.

At this time of year, pike have finished spawning and are looking to rest in the shallow bays. Pike will move into the shallow bays and actually sun themselves. However, the predator instinct is still ever-present and they will gorge themselves whenever an easy meal swims by, including one on the surface. It’s the perfect opportunity to use those top water plugs that caught your eye in your favourite sporting goods store.

Throwing top water plugs for pike in shallow bays, in the spring, is some of the most exciting fishing of the year. There’s nothing like the sight of a pike, big or small, breaking the surface of the water to chase your bait. But be patient. Don’t set the hook until you feel the weight of the fish. It’s happened to me too many times – I get so excited when I see a pike gaining speed, moving towards my bait, that once he opens his mouth to take my bait, I pull it out of the pike’s mouth. I’ve learned to be patient and wait until I feel the weight of the fish and then set the hook.

Once you land a few pike off the top, you will never miss a chance to fish for top water pike again.

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Find more articles about fishing for pike or walleye!

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