Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting ungulates! Hunting the majestic barren-ground caribou Once you get a taste of the far north, I guarantee you will constantly yearn for more. It gets in your blood, your thoughts, your every wanton desire and if you are anything at all like me, you will find a way to get back there time and time again. The north does something that is hard to explain until you’ve been there yourself. I pointed the truck west and headed out to pick up my long-time friend Jeff McKee in Calgary, Alta., starting … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting predatory animals! The black bear rut occurs in late spring and early summer, peaking during the first couple weeks of June. During this time, hunting long hours in healthy bear populated areas, with properly set up bait stations or pre-scouted areas with natural forage, will likely yield bear sightings of all colours, sex and sizes. Hunting bigger, mature boars is tougher, as these smart, weary creatures seldom drop their guard, unlike the younger, foolish ones. But the rut holds the best opportunities to catch these breeding bruins throwing caution to … Read more »

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Many readers may not realize that the longest running and most well-rounded hunting and fishing magazine throughout the western provinces is the Western Sportsman magazine. The magazine has been in publication since the 1960s. Why has it been able to stand the test of time? Because the pages of Western Sportsman are filled with exciting and knowledgeable information on hunting, fishing and a variety of related subjects concerning the outdoors. And now, Western Sportsman is hitting the walleye trail. Western Sportsman magazine, Two Guys Hunting, Lyman Lures, Tracker Boats, and of course me, will be competing this season at variety … Read more »

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Aquarium rule My fascination with fish, fishing and nature began early. During high school, I worked part-time at an exotic pet store showcasing extensive tropical and marine fish display tanks. As a general rule, one inch of fish per gallon is healthy and keeps larger species from becoming stunted. In captivity, the larger the aquarium, the larger fish growth potential can be. Imagine if this rule somewhat applied in nature? That would mean larger systems offer more habitats and can support lots of large fish!   An inland Delta Applying this rule to a province like Manitoba could easily fire … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting gear! Accurate and fun to shoot for all ages Airguns have been a part of my life for longer than I care to admit. From the time when I envied a fellow kid down the block that had one, to purchasing a top-of-the-line airgun that cost me more than most of my centrefire rifles did. They are a blast to shoot and I have spent countless hours with them, punching holes in paper in an effort to keep my shooting skills sharp. Needless to say, I’m not alone as the … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles about fishing for pike or walleye! My anticipation was palpable, as I stood with spinning gear in hand, slowly raising, pausing and dropping the jig and minnow set up. I’d thump the bottom a couple of times, raise a foot, pause, jiggle, slowly lower. Repeat. Until suddenly it felt like something hit the jig with a hammer and the fight was on! I set the hook and watched the rod bend, the fish pulling in that typical walleye head-shake way until an emerald green shadow appeared and moments later the fish was … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles about fishing for trout or char! I bet you’d agree that catching any fish, regardless of size, is significantly better than a day in the office. But there is certainly something special about battling a big, predatory fish on a fly rod. Northern BC is an excellent place to satisfy your big-fish needs, offering some of the best bull trout fly fishing in the country. All you need is the right gear, an eye for where bull trout like to hang out and the willingness for a bit of remote travel and … Read more »

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The Edmonton Gun Club is hosting the fourth annual Shoot For Parkinson’s event in August, in support of finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. The shoot out will be held on Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014, and the $100 entry fee gets you 100 targets, a barbecue steak supper and ammunition. For more information or to register, you can e-mail Ron Dawson at or call him at 780-444-7759.

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