Take A Youngster Fishing

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It’s finally the fair-weather fishing season. As exciting as it is, you may have already planned out all your spring and summer fishing trips. I know I have! However, have you planned to take a youngster fishing?

Every year I make it a point to go on at least three fishing trips with two to four kids. My son spends a lot of time with me on the water and he is quite an accomplished angler for his age. However, I don’t count the time my son and I are on the water as one of my youth fishing trips. I like to plan my youth angling trips with kids that don’t really get an opportunity to go fishing. Many of the youngsters I take are my son’s or niece’s friends and all of them have very little to no opportunity to go fishing. Some of the kids that come along are a little hesitant, while others light up with big smiles the very instant we invite them. But all of them are beaming from ear to ear after they land their first fish. I get just as excited as the kids do when they land a fish and seeing a youngster get that excited for an outdoor sport is one of the reasons I plan these trips.

The future of angling, hunting and all the outdoor sports lies in the hands of our youth. Along with the excitement of catching a fish, kids need to learn there’s a whole other world outside the city walls and they need to learn to respect and cherish that world and all the wildlife that live within it.

Take the time this summer to be an outdoor mentor and take a youngster fishing.

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Find more fishing articles!

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