Capture moments that might otherwise become forgotten. Let’s discuss the value of documenting a hunt on camera – when there is no one to take the picture, that is. I have used several techniques over the years to immortalize precious moments or memories I’ve had afield that otherwise would have slowly faded away. To date, some of my more memorable hunting photos are in fact those taken by an outstretched arm, self-timer setting and tripod (or whatever was around) or even by trail camera.   Selfies Often times, no one was there to snap a photo of you with the … Read more »

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I started hunting at an early age; and like many, my father taught me. Grouse hunting with the .22-calibre long rifle was my first step towards becoming the outdoor professional I am today. I still remember the first time my father told my brother and I to walk down the road right near our uncle’s hunting camp – alone. Not sure if we were excited or scared – likely a bit of both. Thank goodness I’ve improved my shooting since those early days, as we used a box of shells but only bagged one game bird. When I turned 12, … Read more »

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July is one of my favourite months of the year. The weather is usually sunny and hot and there’s a ton of outdoor activities to do. However, one of my favourite July activities is to combine a hunting and fishing trip. Yes, hunting and fishing in July. A bullets-and-bait outing. There are thousands of lakes, reservoirs, rivers and streams throughout the western provinces that are close to or run through grass fields that are filled with pesky Richardson Ground Squirrels, more commonly known as gophers. To take full advantage of a bullet-and-bait outing, spend the morning fishing. I just returned … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting gear! Having been around the block, so to speak, when it comes to guns, I don’t always jump at the sight of a new addition to the overcrowded marketplace. I might even say that I’m a bit gun shy. But that does not, in any way, infer that I’m not constantly looking for a new gun that I believe will, in some realistic way, improve the lot for us hunters and shooters in either performance, structural integrity, price point or, even better, all three. One of those guns might just … Read more »

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Picking the right fish An excellent shore lunch begins with the selection of an excellent fish. Here, I can be as picky or critical as they come. I could go on into detail as to why, but there seems to be different varieties of lake trout inhabiting different niches or habitats within the expansive Great Slave Lake. Here we encounter two varieties of lake trout: greenbacks and redfins. Greenbacks tend to cruise more open water, a bright silver and white fish with fainter patterning and an aqua-green back. Often caught trolling open areas, their diet consists of ciscoes, grayling or … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles about fishing for pike or walleye! Introduction – our day on the water Trolling loud, brightly coloured baits in late July was responsible for catching many large pike and walleye in a small, seemingly unimpressive, double-portage lake. My brother Alexei and I were enjoying a day (off the clock) from guiding at Canada North Lodge in north-western Ontario’s Sunset County. In the lake we planned to fish that day we traditionally jig shallow cabbage beds for walleye, but today the fish were scattered and likely suspended deeper somewhere. We needed to cover … Read more »

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I recently had the good fortune of fishing the west coast with Serengeti Fishing Charters. Myself, fellow outdoor writer Brad Fenson and good friend Cam Morison spent three days fishing for salmon, rock and bottom fish and, of course, halibut. The first morning, to say “the seas were angry” was an understatement. With 10 to 14-foot swells, it was making it tough to stay on the prime halibut spots. However, our guides Dave and Lane moved us between two small islands, which protected us from the rough waters and we were able to land lingcod, red snapper and a variety … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more fishing articles! As we slowly motored toward the gates at Lockport, I was again mesmerized by the power of the current that rushed by, creating small whirlpools and back eddies topped off with foam. How could any fish thrive in that environment? As we anchored, the current pushed us parallel to the spillway, threatening to swing us back and forth like so much flotsam. We started tossing our catfish rigs into the boil right at the base of the spillway, where six-ounce weights were sucked into the current and carried into the deep … Read more »

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