Just For The Halibut

I recently had the good fortune of fishing the west coast with Serengeti Fishing Charters. Myself, fellow outdoor writer Brad Fenson and good friend Cam Morison spent three days fishing for salmon, rock and bottom fish and, of course, halibut.

The first morning, to say “the seas were angry” was an understatement. With 10 to 14-foot swells, it was making it tough to stay on the prime halibut spots. However, our guides Dave and Lane moved us between two small islands, which protected us from the rough waters and we were able to land lingcod, red snapper and a variety of other bottom fish. The knowledge of our guides saved the day by moving the boat to an area where we could accurately present our baits. The move allowed us to catch our limit of bottom fish for the day.

Day two brought much calmer waters and when our guides asked what we wanted to fish for first, we quickly answered, “Halibut.” And with the calmer waters, it didn’t take us long before we had our first hook up. Cam set the hook and fought a 60 pounder to the boat. The guides were no sooner done with Cam’s halibut, when I felt the weight of a fish on the end of my line. However, little did I know, I would be 20 minutes bringing a 150-pound monster out of 200 feet of water. My arms were tired and my back was sore by the time the monster was tailed and brought over the side of the boat. Pictures were taken and the monster halibut was returned to the sea unscathed.

I was still feeling the pain in my arms when Brad’s rod bowed over under the weight of another large halibut. Another long fight and Brad brought the 100-pound flatfish from the depths for pictures.

At 1 p.m., our guides asked if we wanted to hunt for another deep-sea species. But we were happy fishing just for the halibut.

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