Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting birds! An alternative to traditional duck hunts on the water Have you ever wished you could silently approach a flock of ducks hiding in a cattail marsh? Have you ever dreamed about setting up a decoy spread on a distant shore, but had no way of accessing it? You might think that these are pleasant daydreams for the quiet moments in your duck blind, but they can easily become a reality if you hunt from a boat. There are many different types of boats that the waterfowler can use. I … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting gear! Speed and kinetic energy versus accuracy Today’s compound bows keep getting faster and faster. Speed combined with mass translates to kinetic energy, but one has to ask if it is really the be all and end all? Sneaking through the tall grass, I knew the elk was bedded nearby. Ten minutes earlier I had seen him lingering on the edge of the field. Carefully placing one foot in front of the other, doing my best to avoid stepping on dry leaves, I advanced. Every muscle in my body was … Read more »

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It was a sunny but cold day during the second day of the Southern Alberta Walleye Tournament. We put together a middle-of-the-pack limit of walleye on day one, but the second day of any walleye tournament is always much tougher than the opener. The reason being, the lake or reservoir has been picked apart for three to four days of pre-fishing and the opening day of the tournament by some of the best anglers in the western provinces and northern US states. This makes the closing day a tough day to land big fish. However, we were confident with three … Read more »

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Canada offers great opportunities to hunt musk ox, and ours are likely the largest in the world. Hunting scenarios can range between frigid snowmobile or dogsled rides in a wintery landscape, to late summer hunts in pleasant weather, using motor boats to patrol the shorelines of the Arctic, rivers, lakes and coastlines. I prefer the latter! Let me describe to you what’s involved from a guide’s perspective.   Finding them – feast or famine Finding musk ox can be a daunting task in the vast emptiness we call the Barren Lands. In my experience while guiding hunters in the Northwest … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more hunting articles! Learning how to mask your scent can give you more hunting success I believe that I have a pretty decent sense of smell, possibly even better than the average person. I say that only because I have been able to detect various odours when others could not. When hunting I can, at times, detect game such as deer, sheep, elk, and even moose by their smell. Not particularly unusual, but it does point to the theme of my column because if we, as humans, can detect game by their smell, just … Read more »

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When you mention float tubes, your mind might quickly turn to fly fishing and trout. It’s one of the biggest misconceptions about floats tubes. I make it a point to spend as much time as I can every summer landing fish from the comforts of my float tube. However, I fish for more than trout. Every year my float tube and I spend a healthy amount of time on lakes and reservoirs fishing weed beds for pike, perch and even walleye. And on my first outing this year, I had a heart-stopping experience with a hungry pike. I was fishing … Read more »

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