A Pike Encounter

When you mention float tubes, your mind might quickly turn to fly fishing and trout. It’s one of the biggest misconceptions about floats tubes. I make it a point to spend as much time as I can every summer landing fish from the comforts of my float tube. However, I fish for more than trout.

Every year my float tube and I spend a healthy amount of time on lakes and reservoirs fishing weed beds for pike, perch and even walleye. And on my first outing this year, I had a heart-stopping experience with a hungry pike.

I was fishing a northern Saskatchewan lake and had the good fortune of getting into a school of feeding perch. One after another would take my offering and make its way to the surface to be released. Don’t get me wrong, perch are one of my favourite freshwater fish to eat, so I did keep a limit of the bigger yellow pan fryers for supper.

After securing my last supper perch to my stringer that was tied to the side of my float tube, I moved to the outside edge of the weed bed to fish the deeper water for pike. As I moved to the weed edge, my perch jostled for position on the stringer as I began to cast spoons to the outside edge of the weed bed. I felt the weight of a pike take my offering and I quickly set the hook. I reeled in and released a four-pound pike and was just about to make my next cast when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a large pike at my feet. His mouth was wide open and he was moving to the surface fast and right at me. My instinct was to kick and I may have even yelled, but it was too late, the pike had latched onto the last perch on the end of my stringer and was valiantly thrashing as he ripped the perch free.

Many thoughts went through my mind as I made my next few casts, and to be truthful, they got the better of me. I made my way to shore and stashed my remaining perch along the shoreline until I was done pike fishing. I had no interest in feeding my remaining perch to hungry pike.

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