You Never Know What Will Come To The Surface

If your call the prairie provinces home, like I do, and you’ve dreamed of fishing Canada’s west coast, you need to do it now. I had the good fortune of fishing with Serengeti Fishing Charters during the month of June, with two good friends, and it was a trip of a lifetime – one I will never forget.

Aside from the great company and friends I was with, fishing the west coast is nothing like targeting walleye, pike, perch or any of the many trout species for which the prairie provinces are famous. On the west coast, every time you send your heavy lure down in 80 to 200 feet of water, you never knew what’s going to latch onto your lure and what you’re going to bring to the surface.

During our three-day adventure, we took the time to target the abundant halibut and salmon, but fishing for the variety of rockfish species was equally as challenging and rewarding. Between the three of us, with a fishing rod in hand, there was rarely 10 minutes that passed without one of us yelling out, “Fish on.” The excitement came when the fish was close to the surface. We would stretch our necks to see what species of saltwater fish had come from the depths.

One by one, we landed rock bass, yellow eye, lingcod, quillback and a variety of other species. Every fish we set the hook into, we were like little boys at Christmas unwrapping a new toy. We couldn’t wait to see what we had next. It was a trip I won’t soon forget because I’m reminded every time I throw a saltwater fillet on the grill.

If fishing Canada’s west coast is on your bucket list, it needs to be scratched off sooner rather than later.

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