Cat Daddy

I recently returned from an incredible fishing adventure on Manitoba’s Red River. I had never fished the Red River before, so I hired the services of Paul Munroe, the owner of Cat Daddy Fishing Guide Service. We were targeting the abundant channel catfish within the river and Paul said we would catch fish. However, I had no idea what lay beneath the stained water of the Red River.

I was staying at the Fiddler House, a bed and breakfast right on the river. I met Paul at 7:30 a.m. at the dock, which was a mere 30-second walk from the front door of the B&B. After our introduction, we raced up the river. Paul stopped and set the anchor and as he set up the rods and baited the hooks, he told me to get my camera gear ready. I had hoped to do a little filming plus get the precious still photos that every hunter and angler cherishes. The cut sucker on the first hook had barely found its place on the bottom of the river when Paul yelled out, “Rod one!” From our morning introduction and orientation, I knew that was my queue to grab the rod and set the hook.

Channel cats are not the dozy, sluggish bottom feeders that many believe they are. In fact, they are very aggressive feeders and, similar to the trout species, channel cats fight with all their might from the time you set the hook until they’re in the net. We were fortunate enough to catch and release 75 channel catfish ranging from 30 inches to 38 inches. As I write this, my arms are still sore from landing catfish. I was also fortunate enough to achieve my Manitoba channel catfish Master Angler status.


Did You Know?

Manitoba’s Master Angler Awards program is 51 years old. The longest running Master Angler program in North America.

I promise you, Manitoba’s Red River and the channel cats that swim within its murky depths is one of Canada’s hidden angling secrets.

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