Not what you’re looking for? Find more hunting articles! An adventure across the Scardroy estate to cull a wary stag Colin leaned over and whispered, “I could call and get him up, but he might run down the hill without giving us a shot. Better to wait until he gets up on his own.” I nodded agreement. Eighty yards downhill, the antlers of a red deer stag showed just above the little ridge that concealed its body. We had been stalking it for several hours, keeping hidden behind the hills as the herd meandered along. Eventually they had laid down … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more hunting articles! Generations of reliability and use There were at least 80 caribou scattered across the valley floor. Five mature bulls were bedded right out in the open. Their dark antlers, clearly visible above the short willows, gave us a constant reference point as we slowly worked our way closer. Knee-deep snow, and alder tangles so thick we had to belly crawl through them, slowed our stalk. We had just reached the edge of the large meadow when one of the bulls got up to stretch. My wife quickly settled in behind her … Read more »

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A recent e-mail triggered the idea for this blog. The e-mail asked if I use a guide for any of my fishing trips. The answer is yes. The lady e-mailing was looking to book a surprise deep-sea fishing trip for her husband on their winter vacation. She wanted to give the surprise trip to her husband for Christmas and was looking to book the trip now. The e-mail asked several questions about how to book a guided trip, and what to look for when booking. I’ve had the good fortune of fishing with some incredible fishing companies. My most recent … Read more »

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On three separate deer hunts, in three different Canadian provinces, in the same season, I was rewarded with exciting encounters with whitetail bucks across our beautiful country! Like many Canadian hunters, I wait for deer season all year long. I have become so passionate about pursuing whitetails across Canada that I simply can’t let a season end with a single tag. I decided to find a way to keep hunting, and on a budget. With careful planning and research, I managed to weave hunting opportunities for myself across three provinces for the following year. This is my 2012 quest for … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more hunting articles! To get the most our of your firearm, think about investing in a chronograph As long as we’re watching for it, an education can come to us from a lot of different sources and it invariably costs either time or money – often both. The hunting and shooting sports are no different. We need to put in the time and effort to learn about the creatures we hunt and the tools we use to hunt them. For those latter lessons, I think the chronograph plays a vital role. The term chronograph … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on fishing gear! Picking out the right fishing gear will help you land more fish Walk into any outdoor sporting goods store and you’re sure to find multiple aisles of fishing rods. The price of these rods will vary from $15 for a rod/reel combo to hundreds of dollars for a single rod and can leave an angler scratching his or her head. With hundreds, maybe even thousands, of rods and reels to choose from, how do you know you’re getting the right rod and reel combination for the fish you’re targeting? … Read more »

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I started crossbow hunting because I thought I could extend my range on white-tailed deer shots. Turns out I was mistaken. Modern compounds are capable of shooting just as far and packing just as much punch to put down a deer at distances of 50 metres and more. The problem wasn’t so much the technology, but the fact that arrows are just plain slow compared to bullets and whitetails have lightning-fast reflexes. Whether the arrow is flying at 280 feet per second like some 60-pound compound bows or 400 feet per second like my Mission MXB-400 crossbow, it’s still slow … Read more »

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For some, available time afield is the limiting factor. Other times, the juice simply isn’t worth the squeeze. I may have found a way to maximize the most of minimal hunting time, especially when working the typical nine-to-five rush. When hunting weekends, we are often looking for more than just first or last light. So, how do you make a day of it? In my experience, scout locations that offer combinations of cover and food sources, which attract and hold various species of game throughout overlapping seasons. Close to town I stumbled upon a series of small ponds in a … Read more »

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