Never Too Late For Fly Fishing

I felt the subtle tap of another fish on my fly and I instinctively set the hook. My fly rod bowed under the weight of the fish as I worked my fly line back onto my reel. The fish instantly came to the surface, trying to spit the hook. But I could see he was hooked well in the top of his mouth and I now had all my line back on my reel. Moments later, I landed the first whitefish of the day.

We’re into December and the hunting season is all but over. With any luck, your freezers are full of delicious wild game and waterfowl to get you through another long Canadian winter. But what do we do now?

With snow on the ground and the lakes still in the process of freezing over throughout the western provinces, there’s still a large number of rivers that are free flowing. Anglers that are looking to get in one last fishing adventure can dress for the weather, grab their fly rods and head down to the riverbanks for a bounty of fishing opportunities.

Within the river systems of the western provinces, there’s still fish that are willing to feed on a well-presented fly. Many of our rivers hold multiple species of fish. Walleye, pike, whitefish and a variety of trout species can all be caught by the avid angler that’s willing to bear less-than-ideal conditions. And for the most part, anglers that are willing to venture out have the rivers to themselves.

If fly fishing isn’t your thing, a spin cast combo and some Len Thomson spoons and Panther Martens also work well at this time of the year for eager-biting river fish.

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