Q: Single Shot, Shotgun
I purchased five firearms from a friend back in the late-60s and one of the guns was this single-shot, break-open .410 shotgun. I would be very interested in finding out what the make, model, where and when it was manufactured. Looks like about a 2-1/2-inch chamber on it. Also, could you tell me what this shotgun might be worth?
— James Hornan

The shotgun you have was made in Belgium, indicated by the proof marks. The letters ELG inside an oval with a crown on the oval indicate the gun was proved at the proof house in Liege, Belgium. The style of markings suggests it was proved after 1898.

I don’t have any source to indicate who the maker was. A lot of inexpensive single and double shotguns were made in the early 1900s. Your shotgun appears to be better made than many of these inexpensive shotguns. The checkering on the butt stock, for example, appears quite nicely done.

I found a similar shotgun for sale on the Internet priced at $395 US. The forearm on the one shown is different from yours and I think you are right in saying it was a replacement. With this plus the broken hammer the value of yours would be substantially less.

The one shown on the internet is stated to have a 2” chamber and is stamped “G. Mariette” on the bottom side barrel flat. If you have internet access and want to look at it go to www.joesalter.com.

It’s an interesting old piece, certainly not junk, but not highly collectible either especially with a broken part. —Dave Anderson

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