I mentioned it last month and I’ll say it again: The wind is a hunter’s best friend and worst enemy, potentially all in the same minute. Wind direction and velocity can change quickly and it just takes one gust from the wrong direction to foil a plan that had been working perfectly. For many close-range hunters on the ground, constantly checking the wind and adapting is a must. Last weekend, I decided to try coyote hunting with my crossbow. My chosen location was in the bow zone, with many occupied dwellings close by, so I figured a quiet crossbow was … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting ungulates! Hunt where the elk are going to be Wayne Gretzky, the Great One, was once asked why he was such a successful hockey player. He replied, “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” Elk hunting success can often be summed up the same way. If you’re going to tag an elk, try to position yourself where elk are going to be, not where they have been. I’ve used this approach during my last four elk … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting predatory animals! Keep your shooting skills sharp with this thrilling hunt I could hardly believe my eyes as the coyote came out of the ravine, tearing up the real estate between us, on a dead run towards me. I had only sat down in the snow on the edge of the brush mere minutes earlier and gave one short burst of calls from my faithful mouth call before the action started. When deer season comes to an end in late November or early December, most hunters reluctantly put away their … Read more »

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A Modern Classic: The Winchester Model 1885 Hunter Rimfire .17 Winchester Super Magnum Varmints beware When a classic rifle meets the fastest commercially available rimfire cartridge, it is a union worthy of a very close look.   History As the model number suggests, the Winchester Model 1885 has been around for well over a century. It is a single-shot rifle with a falling block action, of which two models were produced – a Low Wall and a High Wall. The High Wall receiver has sides that extend up to the top of the barrel, whereas the Low Wall receiver sides … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more hunting articles! Wild pigs are one of the most adaptable and tenacious critters on the planet. They can thrive in just about any habitat, from the swamps or jungles of the south to the forests and mountains in the north. I have hunted them all over the world, from northern Russia, Austria and Africa to non-indigenous countries such as Australia and New Zealand. But that is just half the story, as wild pigs have, in many instances, become a real threat to the land base right here in North America. The problem is … Read more »

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If you’re into deer hunting you’ll likely want to hunt the rut, which occurs in mid-November. This also means cold temperatures – sometimes very cold. Crossbow hunting in these conditions is still possible, but taking a few precautions with equipment and clothing, along with following a routine and staying active, will help increase your chances of success. I’ve hunted successfully in temperature as low as -36 degrees Celsius. It’s not easy – nothing with hunting is – but it makes for a rewarding bowl of hot soup when you’re done hanging the animal. The difference between hunting and enjoying a … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more general fishing articles! Lee Nolden, hard water guru Late fall and the ice is starting to form on the waterways of the prairies. Its arrival is anxiously awaited by thousands of anglers who are checking out their hard water equipment, re-spooling reels, purchasing and re-organizing tackle, checking out heaters, tents, sleighs, snowmobiles, quads and anxiously reading reports on local forums to find the first safe ice that signals the start of the ice fishing season. In Manitoba, the waters of the Red River and the south basin of Lake Winnipeg attract particular attention, … Read more »

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During the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, I love getting together and visiting with family and friends. During the many visits throughout the holiday, it never fails that at some point the conversation always comes around to the past fishing season and each year I always get asked the same question: What was the strangest fish I caught during the year? I had the good fortune of fishing in three different states and four different provinces during the 2014 season and caught 42 different saltwater and freshwater fish species. I caught my first leopard shark, catfish, eel and a few … Read more »

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