BC Government Addresses Parks

Not what you’re looking for? Find more news and events stories! Nearly 276,000 hectares was added to the BC Parks system through legislation introduced recently, announced Environment Minister Terry Lake. Bill 5 – the Protected Areas of British Columbia Amendment Act, 2013 adds new parks and conservancies and expands the Mount Maxwell ecological reserve, which is home to the rare Coastal Douglas-fir ecosystem. It entrenches in law protected area recommendations reached through multi-stakeholder and public land-use planning processes, as well as government-to-government agreements with First Nations, while at the same time supporting economic development. “The B.C. government has been establishing … Read more »

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Kayak Fishing: How To Get Into It

Not what you’re looking for? Find more fishing stories! Affordability, portability, accessibility — what’s not to like about catching fish from a kayak? Six years ago I started kayak fishing. It was fun back then, but today it’s better than ever thanks to on-going improvements in boat designs and gear catered to paddling anglers. Far from a fad, kayak fishing is here to stay and it’s one of the easiest, most affordable and most fun ways to catch fish. Accessibility There are many perks to fishing from a kayak but arguably the biggest advantage is accessibility. My 12-foot kayak unlocks … Read more »

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Find a New Deer Hunting Area

Not what you’re looking for? Find more hunting stories! Hunting unfamiliar territory this year? Get the info that will give you the upper hand. All hunters will sooner or later face the same problem — hunting in an unfamiliar area. Just how successful you will be in the face of this dilemma often depends on your pre-hunt analysis and preparation; and I don’t mean taking a quick drive-by the night before opening day expecting to find a big buck. It will take homework —not the variety we all hated during our school days; this homework is rewarding and fun to … Read more »

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Bow Hunting The Early Season

Not what you’re looking for? Find more hunting stories! Warm weather, the potential for velvet antlers, and archery-only opportunities — what else could the hunting archer ask for? I hate mosquitoes. No, truth is I loathe the pesky little buggers. It is only my sheer passion for all things bowhunting that allows me to overcome my disdain for these most irritating of creatures, particularly in the early archery seasons. In fact, the ability to hunt as early as August was one of the most compelling reasons for my leap into the wonderful world of bowhunting in 1989. Warm Weather Advantage … Read more »

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6 Must Have Fishing Lures

Not what you’re looking for? Find more fishing gear! Lures come in all colours, shape, and sizes. Most of us maintain a substantial inventory for those “just in case” situations; but imagine this — if you could choose only six, what would they be? Popping the lid on my Plano, I scanned the familiar box. Each compartment holds something different; bare hooks, jigs, soft plastics… and in all manner of shape, size and colour. Glancing into another bag, an assortment of bottom bouncers and spinner rigs present tempting alternatives. Even still, I couldn’t help but consider running a crankbait. Evaluating … Read more »

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Tails And Profiles For Walleye

It’s undeniable that walleye anglers have a love affair with soft baits. From dainty, finesse offerings, to mondo grande plastics for power fishing, there are options for virtually every scenario. The following are some of the most effective squishy offerings available and a rundown on when, where and how to fish them for bragging-sized ‘eyes.   Give Them the Boot A swimbait is one of my favourite lures to cover water quickly when searching for walleye. As their diet is heavily reliant on fish, using a four to six-inch swimbait appeals to a walleye’s preference and desire for a belly-filling … Read more »

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The Debate On Hunting Bears

Why do we hunt bears? … In the end, rationales are based on conservation, management, economic impact and personal values. Black, brown (both coastal and inland grizzly) and polar bear are all highly sought-after game species; but not everyone agrees that they should be hunted. From the emotionally charged arguments presented by off-the-wall animal rights groups readily exploiting eager mainstream media, to the thoughtful biases held by traditional hunters, opinions vary. But by in large, conservationist hunters refute the challenge, recognizing the need for population control and the exceptional trophy hunting opportunities made available by mostly thriving populations. Commonly viewed … Read more »

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Reeling In Stocked Trout

The beauty of fishing stocked trout is the great diversity of fishing options. Trout are often the only fish available in many communities and whether you are just looking for an angling opportunity or searching for a big lunker, stocked trout can provide it all. We walked along the windswept shoreline, looking for the best spot to target trout. Wearing polarized sunglasses, I could see the clear lake surface turn a dark shade of green, indicating deeper water. The change in depth meant structure that could easily hold fish and we cast out our baits to see if our hunch … Read more »

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