The Gear Issue

Gearheads of the world, unite! New gear gets me going — that’s why I love this issue and this time of year. Of course, it seems as though every year, every company is trying to build a better mousetrap — but the amazing truth is that a lot of them are actually succeeding. One of the premier items on the checklist this year is Leupold’s new Vendetta Archery Rangefinder (reviewed in our July/August issue). Read our review — this rangefinder is going to change the way we bowhunt from this moment forward. It’s one of those products that is both … Read more »

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How The Hunger Games Will Promote Archery in 2012

Katniss Everdeen. If you recognize this name, you are probably either a teenager or you have teenagers in your house. If not, allow me to explain who she is — and why you should care. Katniss is a fictional character — the protagonist of the immensely popular teen novels of The Hunger Games trilogy. More recently and more to the point, she was played by actress Jennifer Lawrence in a blockbuster film by the same name. You have probably seen the ads and perhaps the film. What this character represents is an unlikely champion of the sport of archery — … Read more »

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SHOT Show 2012

Well, we survived another SHOT Show in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. For those of you who aren’t familiar with SHOT Show – it’s the largest shooting, hunting and outdoor trade show in the world. Each year, Western Sportsman staff attend, to meet with our advertising clients and to source out what’s new and exciting in the hunting and shooting world. SHOT Show is huge — more than 1,600 exhibitors, 60,000 attendees (all trade members) and over 2,000 members of the media. What did we find in 2012? Well, as you’ll see on this website and in the pages of our … Read more »

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In With The New

Looking forward to a great year at Western Sportsman magazine. I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. But I am big on trying new things. And if these “new things” just happen to coincide with the New Year — well, I’ll call it a coincidence. It’s funny how quickly new things become old. My very first editorial for Western Sportsman magazine, Jan/Feb 2005, documented my newfound pursuit of fly fishing. Today, fly fishing is my number-one preferred style of freshwater angling. In 2008, I pontificated about bow hunting, after acquiring my first compound bow the year previous. Today, it’s recurves … Read more »

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ABA Response to “What’s Wrong With Crossbows?” Editorial

Following my editorial in the Sept/Oct issue of Sportsman, I received this measured and thoughtful response from Brent Watson, president of the Alberta Bowhunter’s Association. While I don’t personally agree with many of Brent’s points and I certainly take issue with his conclusions and certain data points, I always encourage open, two-sided debate. (Although you will find that the ABA and I do agree on one point — the main reason for the ban of crossbows in the archery season of some provinces is to keep more tags in the hands of conventional bowhunters. We just have differing thoughts about … Read more »

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Fly Fishing in Fernie, BC

Have you been fly fishing in Fernie, BC lately? Or at all? I highly recommend it — it is one of Canada’s premier drive-to fly fisheries. Check out this video of a trip I made to the area — and get inspired:

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Firearms Transport Laws

This was passed on to me from Clark Gatehouse, president of the Pemberton Wildlife Federation, in Pemberton, BC. Something to keep in mind this hunting season: As hunting season approaches, below you’ll find a useful document to have handy for the RCMP. CO’s all know firearms laws, but not all RCMP do, and it can get confusing at times. Download and print this out and keep it handy: All hunters and shooters need to educate themselves. If you’re ever caught in this situation — know the law and know your rights. Carry a copy of the storage/transport regulations in your … Read more »

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Fishing Quandary

Is fishing Canada’s most popular pastime, or isn’t it? I read a study four years ago that stated in no uncertain terms recreational fishing was more popular in this country, in terms of participation, than golf or hockey. This statistic floored me — as I knew from experience that organizing a mid-summer golf day is as easy as picking up the phone, but trying to convince more than one die-hard buddy to take off fishing for a weekend can be like pulling teeth. What gives? Certainly given this stat, which implies sport fishing to be Canada’s number-one pastime, one could … Read more »

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